RJR 100 Acre Farm / Fresh Chicken
Tastes like chicken? You have no idea what good chicken tastes like. Discover the flavour of old-time chicken with a Canadian broiler.
We have raised a small number of a new breed of meat chicken the Nova Brown. This chicken breed is known for its superior flavour and tenderness. Ours were naturally raised on our home-grown grain, non-medicated feed, fresh grass and clover outside in the clean air and sunshine.
Check this link: http://smallfarmcanada.ca/2015/discover-the-flavour-of-old-time-chicken-with-a-canadian-broiler-nova-brown/ 
We will have fresh chicken for sale Tuesday October 20th. The chickens are a breed called Nova Brown for more information about the breed click here: http://www.rurallife.ca/better-broiler/ 
The price is $3.75 lb ($8.25 Kg), the weights will vary from 3 to 5.5 lbs ( 1.36 kg to 2.49 kg per bird). There is a limited number of birds available. Please email or call to reserve the number of chickens you want: csa@rjrfarm.ca or call 902-892-8575.